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Our Story

Our Story
Xolo Sarapes was founded by Eric and Melina. We are starting our journey with close friends and family and would like to grow our business while staying true to their roots.
Xolo Sarapes presents a unique and interesting array of art pieces. Pieces full of tradition, culture, love and emotion; it is a beautiful and vibrant collection dedicated to those who appreciate the value of handmade folk Mexican art.

Our mission is to present and share these pieces with respect while giving tribute to our native communities of Mexico. We continue to empower the talented Artisans by providing them the opportunity to share their amazing talents beyond borders.
We want to make a difference. It is our passion to help save homeless, abused and neglected animals. There are far too many animals of all species suffering in one way or another and we all need to do our part. Whether it's donating money or volunteering, voicing your opinion or signing a petition, one small action can do a lot.