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Xolobrijes are Xolo beautiful one of a kind plush stuffed toy 100% handmade, hand painted.

Xolo measurements: - Height: 9.5" (To on top of the head, ears uncounted) - Width: 6" - Length: 11".

To the ancient Aztec and Maya, man's best friend was also a hairless, ugly-cute healer, occasional food source, and, most importantly, guide to the Underworld.

Sometimes known as the Mexican Hairless dog, the Xoloitzcuintle gets its name from two words in the language of the Aztecs: Xolotl, the god of lightning and death, and itzcuintli, or dog. According to Aztec belief, the Dog of Xolotl was created by the god to guard the living and guide the souls of the dead through the dangers of Mictlán, the Underworld.

If you love xoloitzcuintles but you're still not ready to commit 10, 15, 20 years to a pet. Now you can have your own xoloitzcuintle and take it everywhere with you...

It's the perfect gift for any Xolo lover!!!